We are a very small firm that works hard to meet the needs and expectations appropriate to being in a big architectural profession. Work ethic, kindness, being respectful, plus a desire to be a part of a collective team effort, is very important to the culture of this office. Because the business of architecture can be an intense profession with intense deadlines and projects, a sense of humor is welcome!

To request an interview, please fill out the form below, upload your resume, and portfolio, or any other supportive documentation that you feel could be helpful. And please, no drop-ins as we are often at job sites or in meetings. Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of this team!

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What type of work environment best suits you?

What are some things you enjoy doing most in the job you are applying for? And also least?

In your opinion, where should a vapor barrier go in an exterior wall, and if your answer varies, give a brief explanation why.

If you were an architectural intern, and not yet a licensed architect, and someone referred to you as an "architect", would you kindly and respectfully correct them, or think nothing of it and let it go at the risk of offending the person who mis-spoke? Why?

What was the name of the last book you read, cover to cover.

Is your cell phone an appendage, and why or why not?

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